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Strøm spa nordique

Crackling soy candle

Crackling soy candle

The crackling wood of this soy wax candle will add a soothing and authentic touch to your evenings.
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How to use

Wooden wicks are used differently than the usual cotton wicks. The wood wick should always be very short. It can be cut with dedicated scissors or another tool.

Between each use, remove the blackened wood from the wick so that the candle can be relit. If the candle still does not light despite cleaning the wick, a paper towel can be used to absorb the wax in the ignition area.

Finally, to prolong the life of the candle, it is recommended to leave it lit for a maximum of 2 consecutive hours at a time.


Soy wax, natural frangrances, wood wick.


Duration : 50 hours
Format : 9 oz
Made by hand in Quebec with all natural ingredients.

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